Warroora Station Family

The People of Warroora Station

The Baiyungu People

For over 38,000 years Cardabia Station (Warroora's northern neighbour) and Warroora have been the core of Baiyungu heartlands. Warroora Station recognises and supports Baiyungu ownership of the land and respects their Native Title interests. Warroora and Baiyungu People have a joint Treaty for a commitment to a co-operative working relationship in land management, protection and future use of Baiyungu Traditional Lands for pastoral, conservation and tourism operations.

Pioneering Pastoralists

The earliest recorded lease was 20,000 acres taken up by The Quailborough Squatting Co. (Wattes Howard and others of Champion Bay) on 1st January, 1880. Leonie McLeod purchased the lease on 9th December 1994 for her sons Martin and Murray Horak.

Today's Families

Warroora is home to:
Leonie McLeod, Martin & Muriel Horak & Sasha Belle (12yrs), Eva (10 yrs) and Nolan (8 yrs).