warroora station wilderness camping
Access fees
$10.00 per person overnight
$50.00 per person per week (2 days free)
No charges for children under 16

Warroora does not take bookings for campsites. Please be aware that we do not have EFTPOS facilities.

Wilderness Camping at Warroora Station

Warroora Station provides access for visitors to the Ningaloo Reef and Marine Park. Camping is available in a variety of stunning and unique locations right on the beach. Always respect ocean conditions.

14 Mile

14 Mile offers a spectacular camping experience for all travellers. It is the only wilderness camping area on Warroora Station that is accessible for 2 wheel drive vehicles.
Those with 4x4's are able to camp right on the beautiful white sands of the beach, with the calm protected waters inside the Ningaloo Reef only meters from your camp.
Launch your boat (small dinghy) right off the beach outside your door, what more could you ask for in a wilderness camping location!
For those with 2 wheel drive there are many camping areas very close to the ocean on firm ground offering stunning views of the reef and easy access to the sea.
14 Mile is a "must visit" for anyone wanting to experience the raw natural beauty of the Ningaloo Coastline.
Access to 14 Mile is via the Northern Access Rd.

There are currently limited campsites available at The 14 Mile camping area. The overflow area is available.
(info updated 23/07/2018)

Sandy Point

Limited campsites in this very special location, quite simply it is paradise. Check in with the caretakers at The 14 Mile. 4WD only
Access to Sandy Point is via the Northern Access Rd and 14 Mile Camp.

There are currently campsites available at The Sandy Point camping area.
(info updated 23/07/2018)

The Lagoon

Warroora's Lagoon wilderness camping spot is located a 2 minute walk from a sweeping white sandy beach. The Lagoon has a salt water inlet which in times of heavy rainfall flows out to the ocean. It is a favored camping area for family groups.
4WD vehicles are needed to access the Lagoon area, and once you are there take advantage of exploring the many secret bays and rock pools in the immediate area.
Limited campsites in this very special location. 4WD only

There are currently no campsites available at The Lagoon camping area.
(info updated 23/07/2018)

Black Moon Cliff

If you seek "a place all to yourself" Black Moon Cliff is your spot.
4WD access will find you a very private spot perched high above the Ningaloo Reef which offers a breathtaking panorama of the whole coastline. A steep "goat track" down the cliff face offers access to the beach below.

There are currently limited campsites available at The Black Moon Cliff camping area. The overflow area is available.
(info updated 23/07/2018)

Elle's Beach

Elle's Beach is pure magic (4WD's needed) with its close proximity to the most amazing coral gardens of the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef itself for those looking for a snorkeling experience without peer around the globe.
Campsites are 2 minutes walk from the pristine bays of this stretch of coastline and offer a panorama that will be forever etched on your mind.

There are currently no campsites available at The Elle's Beach camping area.
(info updated 23/07/2018)

Steven's Surf Break

Steven's Surf Beach camping area is one of 3 surf breaks on Warroora, and therefore the habitat of travellers keen to spend days surfing its breaks.
The camping area is back behind the primary dune which offers some protection from the prevailing winds.
You need a 4WD to get to Stevens, set up camp and then it's only a 5 minute walk/paddle to find yourself a wave.

There are currently limited campsites available at Steven's Surf Break camping area. The overflow area is available.
(info updated 23/07/2018)

Sasha Bell's Spot, Veronicas Vista & Nolans Nook

These beautiful, isolated Wilderness Camping areas are single camps only, and are ony accessable by 4 Wheel Drive.
Please check at the Homestead when you arive at Warroora for availability of these camps.

...Visiting each year since 2000. Warroora is a unique slice of paradise, difficult to find in other locations. I hope it will remain untouched and non-exclusive....


We do not take Phone Bookings for any of our Wilderness Camping Areas

Due to the fragile nature of this unique environment we ask that you observe the following: